Why use CASHWAY ?

I don't have a credit card

I don’t have a credit card.

I don't want to put my bank data online

I don’t want to put my bank data online.


I want my purchases to be anonymous.

How does it work ?

Step 1

I choose CASHWAY to pay online.

Cart on hold

My cart
is put on hold.

Partner retailer

I choose the nearest partner retailer

Step 2

I receive a barcode corresponding to my cart.

Via Text

via Text.

Via E-mail

via E-mail.

Step 3

I present my barcode and pay* my cart
 at the retailer.

* depending on the online shops, treatment fees can be asked

Payment method of choice

You can pay with the payment
method of your choice.

Merchant confirmation

Confirmation mail
from the website.

Text confirmation and merchant receipt

and confirmation text.

Step 4

My cart is validated.
I receive my order.

Order validation

The website validates my cart.

Order sending

My order is sent.


Find the nearest partner retailers.