Good reasons to use CASHWAY.

Alternative solution to the credit card

A new way to pay online.

Customers who can't or don't want to pay using a credit card on the internet choose to use CASHWAY.

Alternative payment
Lost transactions

Recover your lost transactions

CASHWAY allows you to recover your lost transactions.
In case of a refused transaction by the banking system, suggest CASHWAY to your customers. In average, 15%* of the carts end up in failure due to a technical issue. (3D secure, credit card limits exceeded, foreign credit card)
*PSP source

No fraud


No Chargeback, no payment claim, no fraud. You are sure to get the amount of the order.

How does it work ?

Step 1

Customers move and pay.

They go to the nearest partner retailer to pay their order.
More than 5 800 in France.


The customer is notified when he pays

Automatic notification

Automatic notification.

Envoi de commande

I send the order.

Bank transfer

I get my money back from CASHWAY.